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Reform, Rebalance, Revive.

If you are looking for a physiotherapist or pilates studio in Ashgrove you have found the right place! We are a physiotherapy based facility offering holistic physical health care.

Let our experienced Physiotherapists assess you and work with you to achieve a new level of fitness, flexibility and physical health. As experts in the field of muscular-skeletal medicine, we have the expertise and knowledge to assess and treat many problems such as back and neck pain and stiffness, other joint problems, including arthritis, sports injuries and injury prevention, poor flexibility and poor balance, headaches, jaw pain and muscular and neural tightness or tension.

Pilates is a tried and tested form of exercise that is “here to stay”. The original work of Joseph Pilates has been modified and modernised to create an intelligent, graceful and powerful form of exercise. “Clinical Pilates” has been created to address the need for specific and effective medically and scientifically based exercise therapy. The regular and specific practise of Pilates promises to deliver the following benefits:

240 Waterworks Road
Ashgrove QLD 4060
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