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The Float Room

Float tank & Complementary Therapies

Pure relaxation ~ Recovery from fatigue ~ Reduce stress

We have been operating float tanks in Adelaide for over 6 years, so we like to think we offer the best float tanks in Adelaide. After 6 years we know how to make sure all our clients have the best possible experience. Our facilities have been purpose-built, our shop & tank room layouts ensure customer comfort & minimised sound transference. We take tank hygiene extremely seriously & invest a lot of time/effort to ensure our tanks & facilities are as clean as possible.

Our focus is on floating – it’s what we do & what we are all about. We do offer remedial & relaxation massage, health rebates are available – the massages are designed to ‘complement’ your float experience. We consider each client to be as important as another & make sure we take the time to show you through how everything works & discuss how we may need to tailor your experience, e.g. if you feel the cold we can warm the tank/room up for you, if you’d prefer music the whole time or to listen to something specific.

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