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Climb Fit Kirawee

Top rope and Lead climbing

Australia’s premier Indoor Rock Climbing center and Bouldering Gym

With over 130 different climbing routes that are changed weekly, even the everyday climbers will find something new and exciting. There are some routes, over 15 meters long, where you clip yourself into the hooks as you go. This is an exhilarating experience and it can be challenging to master, so Climb Fit Kirrawee offer an introduction to lead climbing courses.

Join the beginner clinic program where you will learn the basics of rock climbing from your dedicated coach. If you want a bit more of a thrill and to challenge yourself, there is also a bouldering area. With 60 different boulders, you can improve your strength by climbing to the top with a harness or rope. There is also a well-equipped gym open daily where you can do your own work-out or attend one of their many classes.