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Ruby Lane

We stock our grocer with all the good stuff (literally.

Ruby Lane Wholefoods: Prepare to be spoiled.

A café up front and an organic grocer in the rear – Ruby Lane stacks their shelves with organic super-foods that will end up on your plate looking gorgeous. This health food café has a communal shopping list in the grocer where you can request items you would like them to stock but it’s hard to find an item that they haven’t stocked yet.

You’ll be spoiled for choice even if your diet is gluten-free or vegan; you can expect different kinds of bread, milk, coffee and a variety of whole food meals that will inspire you to upgrade your everyday menu. The products are seasonal and the most of the ingredients they use are available on the shelves.

Even the kids can enjoy a healthy meal without frowning because the Ruby Lane team always goes a step further when it comes to plating, toppings and gentle spicing. Their slogan is “food with a purpose” and the purpose is to provide the most nutrient dense food on a plate. Not only did they manage to prepare healthy food in a unique way, they’ve also secured a truckload of flavor as well.