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Live your fit dream.

It’s easy to let yourself go, it happens far too often, but with us holding you accountable and guiding you on your fitness journey you will be more likely to succeed.

Smash Fit PT offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to have you dropping fat, building strength and lean muscle in a matter of weeks with our fool proof training, meal planning and community support. We will help you achieve maximum results whilst educate you on how to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Smash Fit PT prides itself on being the only PT business in Newcastle that offers a service we are proud to say goes above and beyond. You will get continuous support not just a walk in-train–leave and that is it! We make sure you receive weekly programming, ensuring your body is evenly shaped and strengthened accompanied by a tailored meal plan, body composition scan, monthly client group events, group training options and more.

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