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Shift Eatery

Sydney's First Vegan Deli.

At Shift Eatery, they believe veganism is the way of the future for the health of people and the planet and the welfare of animals. So their mission is to make eating vegan as simple and tasty as possible.

From hearty sandwiches, delicious nourishing bowls and specialty coffee, to superfood lattes, vegan deli meats, cheeses and plant-based protein, the menu has been designed as an all-in-one resource for people making the shift to a vegan diet (and perhaps a vegan lifestyle).

Once you’ve sampled the menu and experienced what’s possible with a plant-based diet, you can grab some supplies from the deli to take home. All deli items are hand-picked and professionally taste-tested to ensure you’ve got the best possible tools (and treats) to make your transition to a different way of eating.