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Park Hyatt The Spa

Luxury in the heart of Sydney, Australia.

The Spa at Park Hyatt offers the ultimate luxury in treatments. Their team made sure that every detail is completely refined, from their blissful massages to the décor – you’ll be indulged in pure serenity.

This stylish hotel is located in the heart of Sydney, and it features a breathtaking view of the both Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. There’s a complimentary valet parking outside and you’ll be escorted through to reception. Once inside the spa itself, it’s all about luxury, deep relaxation and a true feeling of bliss.

The Spa offers a number of different treatments which include oil massages, facials, body scrubs, facial lifts and body cocoons. If you arrive 90 minutes prior to the treatment, you’ll be able to use the Park Hyatt gymnasium and their aromatherapy steam rooms – you’ll get rid of any toxins and boost your mood drastically. Not to mention the gorgeous view of the Harbor Bridge!

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