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Humming Puppy

We're a yoga studio in Sydney with a Shala that literally hum's...

The first thing you’ll notice is the gentle humming in the background.

And that sound that will follow you everywhere you go! But don’t freak out – it’s not some strange humming yogi stalker; the vibrations are coming from the walls and they reverberate through the yoga room at the same frequency as the earth waves.

If humming walls haven’t impressed you, you’ll probably be amazed at their welcoming staff, artistic interior design, beautiful and relaxing scented aroma in the air, the coconut water and their tasty herbal teas.

These guys really thought things through; even the music is specifically designed by sound engineers at a frequency to match your brain waves. You’ll probably feel like you spent a day at the spa but at the same time, you’ll feel strong and fit. Talk about the perfect combo!

The Humming Puppy team bases their teachings on the principles of breath-pranayama, movement-asana, and awareness meditation. There 4 class styles leave their doors open to everyone, welcoming beginners through to the most experienced yogi. All you need to do is book your mat position online, pick your free towel, tea and coconut water and enjoy your practice; it’s as simple as that.

Levels 1 & 2/146 Abercrombie Street
Redfern NSW 2016
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Opening Hours

  • Mon 6:00am - 7:30pm
  • Tue 6:00am - 7:30pm
  • Wed 6:00am - 6:30pm
  • Thu 6:00am - 7:30pm
  • Fri 6:00am - 6:00pm
  • Sat 7:00am - 3:00pm
  • Sun 8:00am - 6:00pm