Dalecki Strength Gymnastics Adult Training Studio Dalecki Strength Training

Dalecki Strength Gymnastics

Gymnastics Training for Adults & Teens.

The Dalecki sisters have been involved in Gymnastics in one way or another for their whole lives.

Training and competing as kids and teens, transitioning to coaching and then developing a full program and love for getting adults involved in Gymnastics Training- no matter their age or ability.

March 2019 saw them make the big move from their original teeny tiny space to a Swanky New purpose built location in Marrickville.

The new studio is all they have ever dreamed of.

It is more than a gym. It is a space to build, create and develop.

+ Build Confidence.
+ Develop Body Control.
+ Learn Something.
+ Move Like Never Before.

The studio is class based + open practice.