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Coach Mike

Strength and conditioning coach

Known as “Coach Mike” I have been in the health & fitness industry for the last 10 years.

I am dedicated to bringing you the latest information, research & videos, on strength & conditioning, nutrition, health & wellness, and everything fitness!!

I started as a gym instructor whilst at University; since then I have continually pushed to become a Strength & Conditioning Coach working with aspiring or elite athletes. I currently work at GW Performance with a vast range of athletes from sports including AFL, Rugby Union, Rugby League MMA, NFL, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Swimming, Karate, Fencing, Athletics, Golf, Tennis, Rowing and more!

I take a holistic approach to my training and do not preach one method over another, as everything has its place!

Current Favourite Quote: “First we must understand what is right before we can interpret what is wrong” Mark Buckley (Founder of FMA Strength Training)

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