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Chocolate Box Training

Train when YOU want.

Since the very beginning our motto was simple – build something for the people. Not just people with six packs, or people who bring six packs. Not just for the heavy lifters, or pro athletes. When we say people, we mean everyone! We have evolved and continue to evolve with you.

Chocolate Box training is the best kept secret on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Leave your ego at the door and step inside our epic new facility. We believe in holistic, functional training that everyone in the community can participate in and benefit from. Yes we mean EVERYONE; from beginners who lift 2kg to the pro’s who lift 200kg plus, from the gym junkies with six packs to the casual goers who bring six packs, from the surfers to the endurance runners and tri athletes, from netball players to footy players, from the youthful grommets twelve and up, to our wise 60 plus vintage crew, Mums or dads & their cute Bubs, elite athletes to bikini bods, from injured soldiers to our NDIS members, the list goes on.