Kula Health

From the moment you walk in the door of Australian wellness center Kula Health, you know there’s something wonderfully different.

It’s significantly different in such subtle ways too.

Instead of a waiting room, there’s an ‘interactive waiting space’; if you’re waiting anyway, why not stretch out on the hanging rings or a yoga mat? Or perhaps meditate using the provided eye pillows?

It’s all part of the holistic wellness experience that the company strives for.

And your experience at Kula doesn’t end at the conclusion of your appointment.

Before you leave, you have another unexpected experience waiting for you. You’re given a pebble which you are asked to drop into one of three jars in the reception area. At first, most new clients don’t know what this ritual is all about and seem confused when, with two outstretched hands, they are ceremoniously presented with the tiny stone.

But co-founder Ben Murphy says that finding out what that pebble is for is all part of the wellness experience at Kula. And we’ll look into that in-depth soon.