The Best Organic Grocers in Sydney!

Wholefoods House

If you’re looking for freshest seasonal produce, you should probably stop by some of the best organic markets Sydney has to offer.

You’ll shop with confidence, knowing that you are buying fresh food that’s grown using minimal chemicals, but you’ll also support the actual farmer. That’s way better than supporting those big supermarket chains, right? Not only will you enjoy organic, delicious food but you will also help the farmers to make a decent living and continue to produce food for you and your family.

And when you’re done shopping, there’s a café where you can enjoy some of the delicious produce you’ve bought. That rule of not going grocery shopping while hungry doesn’t apply here because there’s no way you’ll end up eating or buying a bunch of junk food that you don’t really need. It’s all good for you – pure and healthy.

1. oFarm organic grocers: They make vegan food appealing for everyone!

The oFarm is an organic shop and a café that offers a wide range of products including fresh produce, baby food, snacks, personal care, dairy, meat, cereals, oils, canned varieties, oils, nuts, and seeds. Whatever you need –the oFarm team have got it.

Each morning they source fresh produce from Sydney organic markets in Homebush, and the other products are sourced weekly from over 200 suppliers and producers around Australia and overseas. Their produce is chemical and preservative free but also non-GMO.

While you’re there, stop by their café – you’ll be surprised by the complexity of oFarm Café’s menu. You’ll be in for a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner, especially if your diet is limited to entirely raw, vegan or gluten-free ingredients.

2. Earth Food Store: Bondi Beach’s first organic greengrocer

Earth Food Store is the longest running organic store in Sydney that’s been supplying organic produce since 1992. It all began when the owner Caroline went on an eye-opening trip to India in the late 80’s. She witnessed the impact of chemical-grade pesticides on rural farmers, and when she came home she decided to open Sydney’s first organic store.

Today, this food store has its own café where find Head Chef Francesca and her talented team creates an inspiring and irresistible array of Vegetarian and Vegan delights. Their focus is on delivering premium quality organic fruit & vegetables and dry goods but they also stock a range of exotic and interesting conventional produce, organic meat, and gluten-free products.
You’ll find everything here, even for your furry friend! These guys sell the premium quality dog and cat food called Ziwipeak.

And if you decide to visit their store in the morning, don’t miss the spiced breakfast quinoa, a hearty bowl of biodynamic brown rice, fruit compote, and paleo granola warmed with a hint of honey, cinnamon, and cardamom. Delicious!

3. Wholefoods House: Family owned and family oriented

Wholefoods House is a family owned and operated business that offers a comprehensive range of organic and natural products.

Their team is committed to supplying you with the best and the freshest certified organic produce available. And that means that they’re up pretty early in the morning to run the organic markets a few times a week to hand-pick your orders.

They support local, ethical, and artisan produce. People come to the Wholefoods House because they know that all the products have been screened, and they feel safe knowing that whatever they buy has great ingredients.

This is how what they have to say about their philosophy:
“It’s simple really; we always want the best for our family. We always want the best for your family!”


4. Taste organic: This one is precious for parents

Taste organic offers 100% certified organic produce with a huge range of eco-friendly and sustainable groceries. They aim to keep things fresh, and that’s why they follow the produce around the country to buy in season. Their shelves are GMO-free!

But what truly makes them special is a whole section dedicated to babies and toddlers – you can even use their loyalty credit card for baby food and baby essentials including nappies, lotions, and wipes. They haven’t forgotten about the grownups though because everyone is well catered for: there are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, sugar-free, alternative sweeteners, paleo, low carb, low sodium, low fodmap, SIBO and other clean gourmet products.

Even their breads are delivered daily and range of organic sourdoughs, gluten-free, whole grain, ancient grains, sprouted grains, mountain bread, paleo bread, fruit breads as well as wraps and rolls. There’s no need to worry about missing out on your favorite kind because they do orders – just give them a call and let them know that they should put your favorite type of bread aside.

The Taste Organic team always has you covered!

What’s the best Organic market in Sydney in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

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