The Best Gyms in Sydney – Temples of Well Being.

The best gyms in Sydney are not that hard to find but how can you know which one is the perfect one for you? Before you start reading about those awesome workout spots around the city, take a moment to ask yourself a few questions.

What are my goals?
What motivates me?
What kind of physical activity did I enjoy the most when I was a kid?

The last one is by far the most interesting and the most important question you should seek answers to. If you truly enjoy what you do, you’ll accomplish great things! Find what you love and let it make you the ripest and the most self-satisfied version of yourself.

Are you ready to make a choice? Let’s do this!

1. The Bunker by Fitness Playground: A futuristic nightclub experience

Walk in the foyer. Take an escalator down the concrete chute. Get in the BUNKER. Escape life!

This gym is unlike anything was seen in Australia – it’s more than you expect from a gym experience or even a nightclub vibe. As soon as you walk in this high-tech industrial space, you’ll know that you’ll in for something special.

There are neon lights, brushed metal, loud music, brass mesh core and, of course, a small group of people enjoying a workout routine that actually seems really fun to do. The Bunker is a boutique, which means that they create tailored programs while keeping membership numbers low – group classes are capped at 18 people. If you prefer personal training, go for it, but you should definitely experience the power of their group workouts.

The Bunker team knows that environment drives motivation and that motivation drives results. That’s why they got the best equipment in the world, designed their club interior with a neo-Tokyo vibe in mind, and made the workouts tailored to help each member achieve his/her goals. They value genuine results!

If you’re in for a group class session, you’ll notice that the focus in on progress rather than repetition – one day you’ll do gymnastic rings, in the next few weeks you’ll continue to build your skills until you master the next exercise that’s even more challenging and results-driven that the previous one. There are elements of AFL and rugby union training, acrobatics, bodybuilding, combat sports and Olympic weightlifting – there’s no way you’ll fall into a rut.

The Bunker team is set to change your training forever!

98 Riley St: Fitness over the appearance

Do you know what you and Russell Crowe have in common? A personal trainer – if you choose the 98 Riley St team, of course.

The gym owner and a personal trainer Chris Feather worked with actors such as Russell Crowe, Jai Courtney and a full cast of the Water Diviner. He played in the professional Rugby League in the UK for 11 years, he did a marathon on a rowing machine once, and he won’t make you do anything he hasn’t done. Which is a lot but don’t worry – it’ll be worth it.

Team 98 consists of trainers from a range of backgrounds with more than fifty years of combined expertise. Their philosophy is based on a thought that the actual performance and your body’s health are more important than aesthetics. Not that you won’t get fit though, you will, but you’ll also fall in love with fitness in the long run.

There’s a fully stocked gym area outside and a functional training area inside the gym. Group classes in 98 Riley St feature comprehensive goal based strength and conditioning programming that’s progressive which ensures your continuous improvement.

Their team is experienced, well-educated, and genially focused on hard work and getting those results you’re after. They are fierce but also kind – they might be your ideal workout buddies.

98 Riley Gym

Fitness Playground: For those of us who don’t want to grow up

‘Cause it’s a trap, right?

The Fitness Playground team turned your basic gym into a colourful playground with fresh, fun, and innovative classes, top-notch equipment and cutting-edge design.

Welcome to the world of ropes, bars, sleds, and tracks. You’re about to experience an exercise in a playful way, finally! Whether you choose to attend a circus-inspired trapeze class or an anti-gravity yoga, you won’t make a mistake. And don’t let those funny ideas fool you, it’s playful but it’s not just about the games – every piece of equipment is designed to get your whole body active.

The classes at Fitness Playground include gymnastics, barre, aerial yoga, circus-inspired trapeze, and weights-based training thought by personal trainers. You’ll also have a boxing studio, a mind-body studio and a couple of zones for weights and cardio.

When you get tired of games and need time to relax, just make a turn and enter their peaceful, exposed brick studio. They know that chill is just as important as fun, and that meditative yoga and relaxation are a perfect complement to exercise – feel free to Zen out for a while, you’re always welcome.

The Fitness Playground Gym

Which gym is the best in Sydney in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

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