Sydney’s Best Healthy Dinners

A perfect restaurant where you’ll enjoy a special dinner should have friendly service, beautiful interior, delicious food and state-of-the-art plating, right?

Here are our top 3 restaurants in Sydney that will make you wonder why you haven’t visited them before. And not only that – you’ll feel the need to come back as soon as possible to share that awesome experience with all of your friends.

The Botanica Vaucluse: Notable gluten-free options and absolutely stunning!

The Botanica is set amongst a lush fragrant oasis. Nestled amongst fragrant herbs, citrus trees, and strawberry bushes, this dining restaurant is a magical experience for the senses!

The interior resembles a domestic greenhouse with its floor-to-ceiling windows, beautiful plants, millennial pink chairs and floral white paper on the walls. If you decide to gaze through the window you’ll set your eyes on a lush garden and that’s exactly where your dinner comes from. Lavender, thyme, lemon balm and edible flowers – kitchen Chef Perry Hill sources the majority of his produce from the garden or Jamberoo Valley farm, a 65-acre property that uses organic and permaculture principles.

Botanica Vaucluse is a completely gluten-free lockdown zone with a strong focus on healthy yet tasty eating. Don’t forget to try out their delicious drinks like house-made gin, and organic biodynamic wines from various Australian regions.

Little Jean Double Bay: Fresh!

Little Jean Double Bay offers fresh, seasonal, and local produce. This bistro supports passionate local producers and suppliers whose philosophy is based on using sustainable and ethical practices. If you decide to dine in this restaurant, you’ll also have a chance to try some of Australia’s best wines from local suppliers.

You can choose between two distinct zones; a dining space and a casual space but whatever you choose you’ll feel those light and breezy vibes of their modern, minimalistic space. The service is friendly, the coffee is great, pastries are homemade, and produce is seasonal. The menu offers a variety of creative dishes – the food is exquisite, beautifully prepared and really flavoursome.

Raw Bar: Japanese delight

Raw Bar team has more than 20 years of experience in preparing traditional Japanese recipes! They’re combining the finest ingredients with the freshest produce and the result is a delicious authentic Japanese dining experience in one of the most attractive locations in Bondi Beach.

The relationship with their suppliers is rock solid; the seafood is handpicked each morning before being sliced and served raw. Raw Bar specialises in bento boxes – assortments of sushi, sashimi, tempura, soup, and rice

Not mention the gorgeous view at the glistening blue of Bondi Beach – Raw Bar is the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy the freshest seafood that Sydney has to offer.

Pro tip: The place is pretty crowded on weekends. In order to really feel the vibe, book your table during the work week.


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