To Wonderland Wellness Spa Bondi

To Wonderland Wellness Spa

At To Wonderland Wellness Spa + Skin, transformation is truly possible, as ‘wellness alchemy’ works its magic to cleanse, detoxify, rejuvenate and restore. Located in North Bondi, To Wonderland exists to support the experience of complete rejuvenation.

Rather than be limited by chronological age, you will be able to rediscover youthful health, vitality, spirit and glow with a range energising treatments and a powerful wellness protocol.

The treatments are designed to promote longevity and restore balance to body and mind, inspiring rejuvenation of spirit while alleviating stress and fatigue.

Treatments include Colon Hydrotherapy, Massage, Facials Spa Treatments, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Yoga, Reflexology, Men, Woman: Fertility Treatments, Pregnancy, Scrubs Wraps & Energetic Healing.

Each element of the To Wonderland Wellness Spa + Skin experience is supported by natural resources – from the marine potency of E3 algae supplements to sustainably harvested botanical actives in the AEOS skincare, and colour-energy products in the Aura-Soma range.

To Wonderland Wellness Spa + Skin offers all these treatments and more. Appointments are bookable through the website, Follow them on Instagram here.

Adie Robertson, owner of North Bondi’s To Wonderland Wellness Spa, explains it as “An antidote to the stress of the modern world.”

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Hugo Taylor Black

Founder & Creative Director
I noticed a decline in societal health brought on by contemporary lifestyles. I saw an opportunity to make a difference. I became determined to utilise the lessons learned from my life’s success failures and major challenges. I decided to use my design skills for good, by supporting health & wellness professionals in their quest to help others live better, healthier and happier lives.